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Kurt Kucera loves to travel and has travelled extensively across Florida, Costa Rica, Belize, the Bahamas, and Mexico. A huge motivation for his travels is his passion for scuba diving.
Kurt’s first diving experience was in Key West back circa 2000. As he remembers it,
“The water clarity was amazing. Tons of fish and corals surrounded you as if you were in a different world; very exciting. When you are 100 feet below the surface, there is a not a care in the world; you are on the ‘coral reef’s time’ at that point. An hour goes by like it is 5 minutes… the vibrancy of color and life is outstanding. To think that we have one of the most pristine reef ecosystems in the world is something to keep in mind when traveling… and it is right in our backyard.”

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His favorite diving experience so far has been Belize where he and a group of friends had the opportunity to go on a live-aboard vessel for 10 days, completing 3 – 5 dives per day on average. The water clarity was 200+ feet, and the ledges were thousands of feet deep. This is where Kurt accomplished his deepest dive to date, reaching 197 feet. Kurt loves exploring every portion of the ocean, and he is a huge supporter of ocean conservation efforts. He strongly believes we must protect the beautiful world that flourishes below us.

When he’s not diving, Kurt also enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking. He also loves cars. Growing up, Kurt fell in love with collecting, modifying, and customizing cars and trucks, taking after his stepfather who had a passion for buying and fixing up cars throughout Kurt’s upbringing.

Kurt Kucera also enjoys staying active and playing sports. Kurt has been involved in a number of competitive sports including paintball and baseball. He played paintball competitively for 8 years and baseball for 3 until an unfortunately accident involving his collarbone took him out of the game. He also enjoys watching sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. (He is a loyal Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.)

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